Should I Get Braces as an Adult?

Should I Get Braces as an Adult?
Posted on 03/29/2017
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Orthodontic treatment with braces isn’t just for teenagers, as common perception may have it. Nearly 20 percent of people wearing braces today are adults. Orthodontic treatment for adults can be highly effective in treating malocclusions (the misalignment of the upper and lower teeth). Dr. Christopher Rawle of Rawle Orthodontics specializes in adult orthodontics for patients that live in or work near Orlando FL. It’s never too late in life to improve your smile and dental health. 

Why do I need braces as an adult?
If you had braces as a kid and you find that you need them again as an adult, that’s because our teeth shift as we get older. Different teeth may grow at different rates than others, too. They can change positions over time through natural growth, injury, or tongue thrust (a condition where the tongue projects through the front teeth during speech, swallowing, or when the tongue is at rest). Rawle Orthodontics now recommends that patients wear a retainer for a much longer period of time than was previously prescribed to prevent tooth movement post treatment. So even if you were a model patient as a kid, you may need braces again.

Braces for Adults Treatment Options:

There are many orthodontic treatment options available for adults. Some adult patients choose treatment with traditional metal braces, but this method isn’t as common as it used to be. Ceramic braces are popular because they are clear or tooth-colored, with a clear wire to bind them. However, they may stain easily if not taken care of. Lingual braces are affixed to the back surfaces of the teeth, thus hiding them from view. But they are more costly than other available options. Clear aligner systems like Invisalign are clear plastic trays that are practically invisible and are removable by the wearer for brushing, flossing, and eating.

Each prospective adult patient will require a course of treatment that is unique to their needs and their treatment goals. Dr. Christopher Rawle will consult with every patient to develop a course of treatment, a schedule, and a budget that is right for them. 
The cost of braces depends on how much work needs to be done, the specific type of treatment planned, your insurance plan provisions, and the schedule of payments. Most insurance companies don’t cover braces for orthodontic patients over the age of 18. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to determine if your plan covers the type of treatment you’re choosing. 

One way to better determine the cost of adult orthodontic treatment with braces is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist, who will give you a breakdown of the total cost and any payment plans available. If you’re an adult looking for an orthodontist in Orlando FL to restore your sparkling, beautiful smile, call Dr. Christopher Rawle at Rawle Orthodontics

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