Braces For Kids near Longwood, FL.

Braces For Kids near Longwood, FL.
Posted on 12/01/2015


Orthodontics is very popular among adults and children alike near Longwood, FL. As a child develops, one of the first things parents may begin to worry about is their oral health. Rawle Orthodontcs is often questioned about what signs to look for to determine if a child may need orthodontic attention, and when a child should begin treatment. Each case is different, but Dr. Christopher Rawle recommends the following steps:



When is it best to Begin Treatment?

In many cases, orthodontic issues can be detected early in life. By the age of 7, the mouth is formed, shaped, and strong enough for detection of issues and corrective procedures to begin. However, that does not mean that every child should begin with braces by the age of 7. Rawle Orthodontcs simply recommends that you visit our office near Longwood, FL, early on. By having regular visits, we can examine your child’s individual case, and determine when, if it all, it would be best to begin treatment. Starting treatments as early as possible can prevent issues from becoming more severe later on, and will provide children with a permanent solution before the problem grows. To find out when treatment is right for your child, Schedule a consultation with Rawle Orthodontcs.


What are the Treatment Options?

Once you have determined that your child needs orthodontic treatment, you may begin to wonder about what kind of treatment systems are available to you, and which one is best suited for your child. At Rawle Orthodontcs near Longwood, FL., we offer a variety of treatment options.


The first is traditional metal braces. These are simply old-fashioned braces that are attached to the teeth with wires and brackets. While more visible and slightly more uncomfortable (at first) than other options, traditional metal braces are considered to be one of the fastest and most effective choices near Longwood, FL. They are also the best at treating severe cases, and are generally cost effective as well.


Rawle Orthodontics also offers Damon ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are similar to traditional in that they are attached to the teeth, however they are less noticeable because the brackets are clear. They are also said to be more comfortable than a traditional metal braces system. Their downside? If a patient is not careful they can stain the brackets, losing their “clear” effect. Dr. Christopher Rawle recommends these to patients near Longwood, FL. who are conscious of their image, but are interested in a more conventional procedure.


Finally, Rawle Orthodontcs are specialists in providing Invisalign systems to patients near Longwood, FL. Invisalign are clear, plastic aligner trays that can be removed to ear, drink, brush, and floss. Invisalign are highly desirable because they virtually invisible, easier to manage and care for due to their removable nature, and very comfortable. Of course, Dr. Christopher Rawle reminds that there are some negatives – Invisalign may be less effective on extremely severe cases, or may take longer to correct oral issues – however, our professional team at Rawle Orthodontcs is experienced with Invisalign and eager to offer this option to children near Longwood, FL.


What are the first steps?

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for your child near Longwood, FL, the first step is to Contact Rawle Orthodontcs. Dr. Christopher Rawle and team will examine your child’s case, and discuss which options are best suited to correct their issues, while suiting your lifestyle. Once you have settled on the proper treatment plan, it is time to begin the road to a gorgeous smile, with help from Rawle Orthodontcs. Do not hesitate to call (407) 692-1818 or visit our office near Longwood, FL, we are eager to hear from you.