Health Benefits From Wearing Braces

Health Benefits From Wearing Braces
Posted on 01/20/2018
health-benefits-wearing-braces-lake-mary-flThere is a wide variety of orthodontic treatments to choose from that can give a patient a healthy, straight smile. Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics have the experience and the knowledge when working with patients in/near Lake Mary and Altamonte Springs FL to choose the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for their needs, and to give them the beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted.

Braces in Lake Mary FL

Benefits of Braces

There are a lot of good reasons to be treated with braces by a qualified orthodontist. Having straight teeth means chewing correctly, cleaning and maintaining the teeth effectively, and contributes to overall good oral and physical health. Jaw bones that function incorrectly can cause pain, bone loss, and tooth loss. A confident, straight, and healthy smile means more than a positive self-image. It’s evidence of a healthy body and spirit. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth?

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. When you see an ad for toothpaste or a toothbrush, the models used in these ads all feature bright, white, exceptionally straight smiles. That’s because straight teeth, beyond being a cosmetic goal, get and stay clean more easily and effectively. 

Straight teeth support healthy gums

The gums cover the jaw bone and cradle the teeth in the mouth. Tooth decay more often occurs in patients with crooked teeth. Tooth decay can then cause diseased gums, and that can lead to bone loss in the jaw, and then tooth loss. If your gums are not healthy, then your teeth are not healthy, and vice versa. 

Straight teeth cause less stress to the jaw bones

When teeth are crooked or crowded, the functionality of the jaw is compromised. This can lead to abnormal wear-and tear on the teeth and cause discomfort or pain, and even exacerbate the rate of tooth decay. Chewing, biting and speaking abilities are optimized when you have straight teeth.

A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body

There is medical evidence that supports the fact that poor oral health may contribute to a variety of physical maladies beyond the mouth. This includes diabetes, stroke, heart disease and complications for pregnant women. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream, the lungs, and the gut, thus affecting the entire immune system.

Why Choose Braces In Lake Mary FL

These are a few of the reasons why straight teeth and a healthy mouth are more than just a cosmetic concern. Misaligned teeth, corrected through braces, improves the quality of life for patients of Rawle Orthodontics. For more information about how orthodontic treatment with braces in/near Lake Mary FL can improve your overall health, call Rawle Orthodontics at: (407) 682-1818.