Is Invisalign Expensive?

Is Invisalign Expensive?
Posted on 12/10/2017
is-invisalign-expensiveOrthodontic treatment is never inexpensive. Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics is an orthodontics specialist and is experienced in prescribing for his patients Invisalign clear aligners.

Cost: Invisalign versus Traditional Braces

For some patients, treatment with Invisalign might be less expensive than traditional metal braces. For others, Invisalign might be more expensive. The amount of work needed, the amount of treatment time, the payment plan chosen, and the individual patient's insurance policy provisions all factor into the price of treatment. For more information about treatment with Invisalign, Rawle Orthodontics can help answer any questions.

Insurance and Invisalign

Your dental or health insurance may cover part of the cost of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Your individual insurer can give you more information on what kind of orthodontic treatments they cover. You can trust the team at Rawle Orthodontics to guide you through the process.

Payment Options

Cost should not be a barrier for anyone seeking to improve their oral health and straighten their smile. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you save funds for Invisalign treatment. Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics will work with their patients to develop a plan of payment over the course of their treatment that can help defer some of the costs of treatment. has a Cost Calculator tool that computes the approximate monthly cost of your treatment based on information about your insurance and flexible spending account. 

Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics work individually with each patient to come up with a course of treatment and a payment plan appropriate to them. They want each patient to walk away from treatment satisfied with their treatment outcome. For more information, a consultation, or a quote, please contact Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics in/near Altamonte Springs by calling: 407-682-1818.