Before You Choose an Orthodontist, Read Some Tips!

Before You Choose an Orthodontist, Read These Tips!
Posted on 06/10/2016

Most people think of braces when they think of orthodontic care, but there is more to it than that. Orthodontists are specialists who treat oral issues related to misaligned jaws and teeth. Dr. Christopher Rawle and the team here at Rawle Orthodontics know that when it comes to the health of your teeth and the quality of your overall orthodontic care, picking the right orthodontist for you is a big deal. Rawle Orthodontics will ensure that you get the healthy, functional, and confident smile that you’re looking for.

Here are a few steps to get you closer to finding the right orthodontist for you.

Your dentist usually will be the first to spot any orthodontic issues that you may have and may be able to recommend a professional orthodontist that they know. You may also want to ask friends and family members for advice.When looking for an orthodontist in Altamonte Springs, FL, there are several points you should consider:

  1. Research Recommendations Online. Conduct online research before making any final decisions about orthodontic treatment. Reviews from past patients can be found on the internet. Patient reviews for Rawle Orthodontics can be found on our Google+ and Facebook pages.

  2. Ask Around. Candid feedback from actual patients will give you an idea about the type of orthodontic treatment you can expect. 

  3. Consider Their Expertise and Certifications. You’ll want to consider the level of knowledge and expertise of the orthodontist. Beyond a dental school education, all orthodontists have to complete an additional two-to-three years of training. Also, look into any qualifications or certifications that the doctor has.The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certifies the clinical skills and knowledge of trained orthodontists. Not every orthodontist elects to take the exam for the ABO certification.Only orthodontists who are confident of their skills will take the exam to get this certification. Dr. Christopher Rawle is certified by the ABO and has been for NUMBER of years.

  4. Consult First. It is best to go for an initial consultation to get a feel for the orthodontist and the practice. Ask any questions that you may have and find out which course of treatment is best for you. First impressions are everything, and Dr. Christopher Rawle is sensitive to that. From the moment you step into our office here at Rawle Orthodontics, you will feel welcomed and secure that Rawle Orthodontics in Altamonte Springs, FL is the best choice for you.

  5. Discuss Costs and Coverage. Orthodontics procedures can get very costly very quickly. Insurance may cover some of most of the costs of orthodontia, but some other points to consider while choosing an orthodontist are “What the treatment will cost?” and “What payment options are offered?” Whether the treatment you are receiving is Invisalign, traditional braces, or some other treatment, the team at Rawle Orthodontics knows you’ll need a payment plan that you can afford. Most orthodontists provide plans of monthly installments that are spread over the period of treatment. However, you should inquire about the different payment plans that are offered before you make a final decision.

  6. Explore the Treatments Available. When you’re looking for your specific orthodontist, make sure they offer all the latest orthodontic treatment technology available. Your orthodontist should not be trying to sell you the trendiest or most costly product or treatment. Rather, discuss with them the advantages and disadvantages of any of the treatment plans you are considering. Braces have evolved considerably during the past decade, giving you many orthodontic treatment options to consider. And if you’re interested in a specific treatment, such as Invisalign, then look for an orthodontist that offers the right Invisalign treatment and that has produced successful results.

While researching orthodontics practitioners, keep in mind Dr. Christopher Rawle and our team at Rawle Orthodontics. We will help you achieve the healthy, confident, and happy-looking smile that you’ve been hoping for. To learn more about Rawle Orthodontics in Altamonte Springs, FL or to schedule an appointment, call us today at: 407.682.1818