Virtual Consultation


Invisalign and Braces Virtual Consultations

The reliance on virtual mediums has been increasing lately. With the need to fit busy schedules and to keep patient’s information safe,  a virtual consultation is an excellent way to begin your orthodontic treatment plan.

Rawle Orthodontics conducts free virtual consultations safely and efficiently.

What is a Virtual Consultation for Invisalign and Braces?

Short and sweet – patients utilize the DigitalSmylz widget on the Rawle Orthodontics website to upload images of their smile directly to a secure server. These are analyzed by Dr. Rawle and a treatment plan is developed.

The advantages of virtual consultations:

·       Limit time waiting for in-person appointments and fewer personal interactions

·       Easy-to-use digital interface requires no technical expertise

·       Provides answers to questions, a treatment plan, and establishes contact without leaving home

·       Patient info is maintained on the Rawle Orthodontics server to comply with HIPAA requirements

The initial consultation and development of your unique treatment plan can be performed before you ever leave your home. By using the images you submit, Dr. Rawle can evaluate your smile. You will be contacted by phone to set up your Virtual Consultation, during which Dr. Rawle will make his treatment recommendation and our treatment coordinator will review affordable payment options with you and schedule you to begin treatment.

How Easy is it?

The DigitalSmylz widget makes the entire process easy. To request a free virtual consultation simply click on the widget displayed at the side of our website. Follow the prompts as they guide you through the process.

A few tips before you start:

·       Take several selfies of your smile, highlighting problem areas

·       Use a flash or a separate light to illuminate your mouth

·       Write out the specific problems you would like to address

·       If you are using a computer, send the widget to your phone (there’s a link in the widget)

The consult feature is designed for use with mobile devices. Start the process by sending the link to your phone using the widget from your computer. Once you open the link on your phone, you will be guided through the entire process. Simply follow the prompts to upload your images and enter the required patient information.

Our Partnership with DigitalSmylz

Digital safety is important to Rawle Orthodontics. By partnering with DigitalSmylz, we can assure our patients that their information is secure. Patient information is maintained on the Rawle Orthodontics computer system and the interface is HIPAA-compliant.

The DigitalSmylz interface utilizes two-factor identification to verify patients. Since data is submitted directly to the Rawle Orthodontics in-house computer system there is no third-party access. The security protocols keep all patient information safe. When you use the DigitalSmylz widget you can be certain that you are protected.

Get Your Free Virtual Consultation Today

Rawle Orthodontics is dedicated to providing the best virtual consultations for Invisalign and braces. Our office locations in Altamonte Springs, FL and Lake Mary, FL are convenient to the Seminole County and surrounding areas.

Get your free virtual consultation today. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (407) 682-1818. Patient information and downloadable forms are available.