4 Things to Know Before Getting Invisalign

Before any treatment, it is always important to understand the type of treatment you are getting and the pros and cons of it. It allows you to have a clearer idea of what the treatment will entail throughout the duration of your experience, along with what you should expect. While you have probably heard of the amazing benefits of Invisalign treatment, you should understand the many different aspects of it besides what you hear from other patients. Just like anything else in life, you should do your due diligence to ensure that it is fitting for you and your lifestyle. 

Invisalign aligners consist of a plastic-like material that is made into a tray, which are intended to reposition the teeth and realign the jawbones. It is a highly effective orthodontic treatment that is a great alternative to traditional metal braces. For patients who wish to achieve a healthy and aligned smile discreetly, Invisalign is a great orthodontic solution. 

At Rawle Orthodontics, our highly skilled orthodontist in Altamonte Springs or Lake Mary is here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. If you are considering Invisalign, this blog will be informative for you.

4 Things You Should Know About Invisalign

You have probably heard about Invisalign treatment from your peers, given that it is a very popular form of orthodontic treatment for teens and adults. Besides the fact that Invisalign is much more discreet than traditional metal braces, here are some other important things that you should know about Invisalign.

  1. The aligners are removable

The fact that the Invisalign trays are removable, makes it a highly favorable treatment method. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are not adhered to your teeth and are completely removable making it a flexible orthodontic treatment for those who wish to improve their smile. As a result, you are able to enjoy the foods and drinks that you like and are not limited to the types of food you have, unlike traditional metal braces. 

  1. They must be worn for up to 22 hours a day

Although it is a great benefit knowing that the aligners are removable, you still need to wear them for at least 20-22 hours a day. This means that you must wear them while you sleep as well. This is imperative in order for your aligners to work effectively to achieve optimal results. The good thing about this is that the aligners are comfortable and easy to wear while you’re sleeping, too.

  1. They can stain easily

Another factor that you should know about Invisalign aligners is that they can stain easily. This means that you must remove them before eating or drinking anything else besides water. Additionally, it is imperative that you floss and brush your teeth after every meal and wash your aligners to avoid any staining of your aligners.

  1. You must wear a retainer after you have completed your treatment

Once you have achieved your final results, you still must wear a retainer after your Invisalign treatment. A retainer is an oral appliance, which is intended to hold your teeth in place after your orthodontic treatment. Teeth that have been newly positioned are susceptible to shifting, which is why wearing a retainer as advised is crucial to lasting results.

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