Let’s face it; most peoples’ smiles are not naturally perfect. Many people suffer from crooked, misaligned, discolored, or even painful teeth. We have good news for those who have struggled with the appearance of their crooked smile, and some of the health implications that it may bring.

There’s no better way to get started than a complimentary consultation with Rawle Orthodontics. During your initial consultation, Dr. Rawle will address your questions, concerns, and outline a treatment plan that will best suit your specific case.

We would like for you to feel prepared and in charge of your orthodontic treatment decisions, so keep these questions in mind when you come in to Rawle Orthodontics near Orlando, FL:

1. If my goal is to have a straighter and healthier smile, what kinds of treatment options do I have? Could any of the alternatives to traditional metal braces be right for me?Asking this is important because it helps Dr. Rawle get an idea of your goals, and helps you discern which treatment options will work to help you accomplish your goals.

2. What kind of preparation is needed to get braces? How many visits will it take?It is always a good idea to ask a question like this to ensure that your orthodontic treatment will fit comfortably and conveniently into your schedule.

3. Can I expect any pain when getting braces?This is a common concern, and one that you should bring up if it is worrying you. The staff at Rawle Orthodontics will explain exactly what to expect, and can reassure you that any discomfort will be short and minimal.

4. What determines how long I have to wear braces?This is another very common concern. The length of treatment will vary from patient to patient. During your consultation, we can evaluate your teeth and jaw alignment to determine the correct course and length of treatment.

5. How will braces affect my lifestyle; the foods I can eat; and the activities I can do?While it is inevitable that you will need to make certain changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits, you will likely find that you just need to make a few changes to your daily routine to have a successful outcome with your orthodontic treatment. We will discuss any of these changes during your initial consultation so that you’ll be prepared by the time your treatment with braces begins.

Other important questions you may want to ask include:
• Who will be involved in the orthodontic treatment that I receive?
• Whom can I expect to see during my adjustment visits?
• What will my orthodontic work cost?
• What is the “average” cost and what could be the maximum? (Make sure you are clear about what your insurance covers, who contacts the insurance company for pre-authorization, who files the insurance forms, and what flexibility there is to pay the remaining amount not covered!)

Your initial orthodontic consultation is just the first step towards that perfect smile that awaits you. Going in with the right questions will help you to understand the entire process and prepare you to do your part for your orthodontic experience. Be sure to bring a list of your questions! To schedule a consultation with Rawle Orthodontics please call 407-682-1818or visit our orthodontic office near Orlando, Fl.

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