Crooked teeth, or malocclusions, are the main reasons why many patients near Orlando choose to undergo orthodontic treatment. Crooked teeth can look undesirable or feel uncomfortable, and may even put patients at risk of serious oral health problems. Therefor, it is very important to straighten out the teeth before any major health issues begin. Before taking the step towards starting orthodontic treatment, many patients want to know more about why they have malocclusions.

Patients often ask:
• What causes one’s teeth to become crooked in the first place?
• Are crooked teeth preventable?
• What treatment options are available?

Dr. Rawle and the team at Rawle Orthodontics are here to help answer these questions.
What causes crooked teeth?

Every patient’s mouth is different, which means that no two cases will ever be treated in the same exact way. There are many reasons for crooked teeth, and any one or combination of these factors may trigger patients to seek orthodontic treatment near Orlando.

Crooked teeth are commonly caused by:
Genetics - most orthodontist problems run in the family. Genes are the primary cause of teeth that grow improperly.
Gum disease - dental maladies could cause your originally straight teeth to misalign by changing the shape of your gums and/or the structure of your roots.
Premature loss of baby teeth - baby teeth essentially reserve space for adult teeth before they grow out; a baby tooth that falls out early could cause the gap to become inadequately spaced for the adult teeth to fill.
Thumb sucking - sucking fingers as a youth could put undue pressure on your teeth and gums, and gradually lead to teeth misalignment.
Disproportionate jaw and teeth - sometimes, a person’s jaw could be too small for all of their teeth, causing crowding and crookedness.

The above factors will likely result in teeth that are misaligned, overlapping, angled, or other improprieties. In addition to being visually unappealing, teeth that do not align properly may be putting patients near Orlando at risk for oral health problems or cause excessive wear and tear. Improper spacing allows for bacteria, sugar, and food to get trapped in between the teeth, and proper brushing and flossing becomes difficult or even impossible.

Can crooked teeth be prevented?

According to Dr. Rawle, in some cases malocclusions can be prevented, and in others not. It all depends on what is causing the problem. For instance, if the crooked teeth are inherited through genetics, then there is no way to avoid having these issues. However, if the orthodontic issues happen as a result of thumb sucking or gingivitis, there are steps patients can take to hopefully keep teeth straighter. Rawle Orthodontics recommends that all patients take preventive measures to minimize the possibility of crooked teeth.

Patients should practice good oral hygiene, being sure to brush every morning and evening, and floss daily. Additionally, parents should be wary of kids’ thumb sucking or putting undue pressure on the teeth and gums, and try to help them kick these habits early on. It is also recommended to begin evaluation at Rawle Orthodontics’ office near Orlando by age seven, so crooked teeth can be monitored closely and necessary action can be taken before problems become worse.
What are the treatment options?

Luckily, many malocclusions can be fixed without jaw surgery and/or tooth extractions, and health problems associated with them can be avoided. If you are interested in correcting your crooked teeth for any reason, Rawle Orthodontics has several different treatment options available. Braces can be a perfect solution, as their design applies pressure to the teeth and bones, moving and spacing them to better align the teeth.

Rawle Orthodontics is also proud to offer Invisalign to his patients from Orlando, which is a clear alternative to metal braces. To figure out which treatment option is the best for you, set up a complimentary consultation with Rawle Orthodontics. Dr. Rawle will analyze your mouth, jaw structure, and teeth, and work with you to find a treatment plan that is right for your particular case.

If you are near the Orlando area suffering from misaligned teeth, contact Rawle Orthodontics today by calling 407-682-1818. We can’t wait to help you get a straight, glowing smile!

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